Dentistry for Children in Prairie Village, KS

As a family dentist, Dr. Cattaneo welcomes patients of all ages, from the youngest to the eldest. For the children in your family, we provide the right combination of gentle care and professional treatment. Dentistry for children is a specialty that Dr. Cattaneo takes seriously, because if your children are given the gift of an early start at maintaining their oral health, then chances are they will enjoy that gift for a lifetime.

Kind and Caring Dentistry for Children in Prairie Village

Actually, dentistry for children begins with you—the parent. Your example of a good oral health routine, including regular checkups, is key to building that same commitment in your children. Ideally, Dr. Cattaneo would like to begin seeing your children in the office by the time they are three years old. And as with all the members of your family, when you bring your children to our Prairie Village office we will emphasize the importance of preventing oral health problems before they can progress and develop into more serious problems.

At your children’s checkups we will gently but thoroughly clean their teeth, assess the health of their gums—children are not immune to gum disease—and examine carefully for any signs of tooth decay. In addition to these common preventive measures, we also offer:

  • Dental sealants to aid in decay prevention
  • Fluoride supplements to strengthen tooth enamel
  • Custom athletic mouthguards
  • Treatment of dental cavities
  • Patient education for you and your child

Children’s Dentistry Prairie Village Trusts

Dr. Cattaneo and his professional staff are dedicated to helping you help your children enjoy the benefits of oral health. The only thing better than seeing your children’s adorable smiles is knowing that those smiles are healthy, too. With dentistry for children from Dr. Cattaneo, you can be certain that your little ones and teenagers are on the road to a lifetime of beautiful and healthy smiles.

Contact our office today to schedule your children’s appointments, so they can experience the gentle touch and caring approach that is the hallmark of children’s dentistry with Dr. Cattaneo. Our warm, welcoming office proudly serves families from throughout communities in the surrounding areas as well, including Merriam, Shawnee, Mission, Leawood, Overland Park, and beyond.

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